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Against Local Government Outsourcing - Capita and Vertex

This petition is for people who have been outsourced to a company like Capita who see's its staff as 'acquisitions' or in other words like a piece of furniture. The rhetoric is ridiculous. They bring staff in who cost the public purse a sickening amount of money to transform our public services. The aim is to add value in the mean time staff have to suffer by roles being chopped up, with them being outsourced. In addition, Capita offshore to India further threatening jobs in the UK. It is time this stopped in the public and private sector. These are our jobs, its about time people stood up and said no and send a strong message to the Government to stop these companies outsourcing and then potentially offshoring. They bring no benefits to the economy they only bring benefits in India.In some councils one project cost over 270 million yet the people they bring in cost 1500 or more to work on there projects this is tax payers money.Our jobs are at Threat and so should Capita. I invite you all to see the Capita website and have a good look at what they do www.capita.co.uk. We need to stop this from happening: we have a public sector ethos we help people and we do not have any interest in the profiteering of private companies.

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